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Risco de perder mais do que o capital investido


Um investimento responsável exige que conheça as suas implicações e que esteja disposto a aceitá-las
Advertências específicas ao Investidor. Este produto financeiro complexo:
  • Pode implicar a perda súbita da totalidade ou de mais do que o capital investido;
  • Pode implicar rendimento nulo ou negativo;

Possible growth of volatility due to the presidential elections in France

19.04.2017 / 09:58

Dear Clients and Partners!

We’re informing you that due to the upcoming presidential elections in France, financial markets may suffer from the sharp increase in volatility and reduction in liquidity, which may result in significant widening of spreads. This influence may occur during the period from April 23rd to 30th 2017 if the president is elected in the first voting, or from April 23rd to May 14th 2017 if the president is elected in the second voting.

We recommend you to take into account these changes when planning your trading activity and modify the number and volume of your open positions in advance.