Todos os Investimentos tem Risco
Risco de perder mais do que o capital investido


Um investimento responsável exige que conheça as suas implicações e que esteja disposto a aceitá-las
Advertências específicas ao Investidor. Este produto financeiro complexo:
  • Pode implicar a perda súbita da totalidade ou de mais do que o capital investido;
  • Pode implicar rendimento nulo ou negativo;

Quoting rules for CFDs on the British shares have been changed

28.08.2015 / 14:55

Dear Clients and Partners!

Because the liquidity provider has changed some trading conditions for CFDs on the British shares, starting August 28th 2015, quoting rules for these CFDs will be changed:

  1. The contract for each share is the cost of 100 shares of the chosen issuer, denominated in British Pound. For example, the contract, which earlier cost 0.77 Pounds, according to the new rules will be worth 77 Pounds.
  2. To help clients to continue trading with their usual volumes, the minimum volume and step of the order for CFDs on the British shares have been decreased to 0.01 lots. The maximum volume of the order will be 50 lots.

These changes are effective as of August 28th 2015 and do not apply to other types of CFDs.